Statistical Methods in Finance 2019

Dec 16 - 21, 2019

The StatFin2019 Data Science Workshop aims to provide participants exposure to the Principles, Techniques and Tools of Data Science including their applications to quantitative finance.

Date and Venue

16-18 Dec, 2019
Chennai Mathematical Institute
H1 Sipcot IT Park
Siruseri, Chennai, TN - 603103, India

Who Can Apply?


Some basic computing knowledge (and coding experience in some language like R/python) is recommended. Basic concepts of statistics, probability, linear algebra and high School calculus will be very helpful. Creative thinking, learnability and "can do" attitude is extremely important.

Participants will be doing hands-on projects with R.


List of Registered Participants in Workshop

ID First Name Last Name University/Institute/Company
1 K S Sreenivasa Raghavan C-DoT
2 Biyyam Naveen Kumar Reddy Chennai Mathematical Institute
3 Prateek Chandra Jha Chennai Mathematical Institute
4 Shailender Joseph Chennai Mathematical Institute
5 Shoraj Tomer Chennai Mathematical Institute
6 Arun Lakshmanan Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science
7 Shake Mohaideen Abdallah Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science
8 Arnab Biswas Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
9 Rajdeep Sharma Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
10 Shakti Kumar Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
11 Shubhangi Sikaria Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
12 Monika Dhull Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar
13 Niharika Bhootna Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar
14 Arnab Chakrabarti Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore
15 Jainam Khakhra Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore
16 Prabuddha Chakraborty Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore
17 Aryan Paritosh Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai
18 Jitesh Gupta Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi
19 Madan Mohan Goenka Ram Bhagat Rajendra Prasad
20 Purva Dhingra Lady shri ram college for women(Delhi university)
21 Praveen D Chaougale M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences,Bangalore
22 Madhanaprakasam S T Madras Christian College
23 Amal Jose Madras School of Economics
24 Yagyesh Modi Madras School of Economics
25 Akash Choudhury Nagarjuna University
26 Pooja Soni Panjab University
27 Annamamalai Muthusamy PSG College of Technology
28 Venugopal R PSG College of Technology
29 Anoop Paul Societe Generale
30 Kaushik Manjula Societe Generale
31 Kavitha Vikrenth Societe Generale
32 Kumar Gandipan Societe Generale
33 Naren Srinivasan Societe Generale
34 Prudvi K Societe Generale
35 Salil Gautam Societe Generale
26 Saravanan Rajasekaran Societe Generale
37 Simran Jain Societe Generale
38 Vikas Jha Societe Generale
39 Bejoy Padamadan The Federal Bank Limited
40 Salha Mamane University of the Witwatersrand
41 Syamala Krishnannair University of Zululand, South Africa
42 Anshul Tayal Finance Research Group, Mumbai