Statistical Methods in Finance 2021

June 27 to July 1, 2021, 2-8pm IST


Bouncing GBMs as a model of limit order books

By Vidyadhar G. Kulkarni, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA

A pair of bouncing geometric Brownian motions (GBMs) is studied. The bouncing GBMs behave like GBMs except that, when they meet, they bounce off away from each other. The object of interest is the position process, which is defined as the position of the latest meeting point at each time. We study the distributions of the time and position of their meeting points, and show that the suitably scaled logarithmic position process converges weakly to a standard Brownian motion as the bounce size delta goes to 0. We also establish the convergence of the bouncing GBMs to mutually reflected GBMs as delta goes to 0. Finally, applying our model to limit order books, we derive a simple and effective prediction formula for trading prices.

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Call for Papers in Sankhya B: Special Issue on Recent Advances in Statistical Finance

The aim of this special issue is to feature research papers on theory, methodology, and applications of models and methods for recent advances in statistical finance. We encourage submissions presenting original works on statistical, computational, and mathematical approaches to modelling and analysis of financial data. Innovative applications and case studies in financial statistics are welcome, especially related to novel methodological challenges in the treatment of big data and high-frequency data.

This special issue will bring together contributions from practitioners and researchers working on different aspects of statistical methods in finance, with methodological interests encompassing, but not limited to, the following domains:

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